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Juaben Community Bank Ltd., formerly Juaben Rural Bank Ltd was incorporated on 24th October, 1984 as a Rural Bank and has since then built a reputation as one of the leading Rural Banks in Ghana. The Head Office of the Bank is located at Juaben, in the Ashanti Region about 30 kilometers away from Kumasi. The Bank was the 93rd to be established in the country and the 18th to be established in the Ashanti Region.



– From The Chief Executive

A special welcome to you our cherished customers, both potential ones and business partners for your interest in our bank. Juaben Rural Bank Ltd. was established at a time when the rural banking industry was so slippery and unpredictable that many were the investors who blatantly refused to go there: those who did, threaded very cautiously. 

However, with God on its side, coupled with enormous resilience, commitment and tenacity of purpose, the brains behind this Bank braved all the odds and established this Bank, put it on a very sound footing and also put in place theframework which was set to ensure its survival and growth. 

Today what we see is that, Juaben Rural Bank Ltd is continually galloping from success to success. It is our fervent hope and desire that, the success achieved so far will serve as the formidable stepping stone to an even more peerless successful future. Our gratitude goes to all the founding fathers who gave birth to this noble Bank, especially Nana Otuo Siriboe II, Juabenhene and his able elders.

Greetings to our cherished shareholders, our valued customers, our visionary Directors, our hardworking Management and staff, our diligent media partners and all supporting stakeholders, who have severally and jointly contributed to the Bank’s ascendancy to this enviable pinnacle of achievement.

Kindly give us feedback at the end of your tour as it will go a long way to keep us in competition.

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