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Have an amazing career here with us at Juaben Rural Bank.

Our Culture

At Juaben Rural Bank, our major preoccupation is to create a conducive working environment which enhances employees’ performance to achieve the overall corporate objectives of the bank. We create a harmonious working relationship among employees at all level to promote working cohesion which seeks to foster team work, boost employees’ confidence and imbibe result oriented spirit. We believe that our personnel should be motivated (intrinsically and extrinsically) to deliver quality service to delight our cherished customers. In view of that, our employees are provided with conditions that make them delighted on the job. We believe delighted employees will translate their happiness to rendering services that will delight the customers. Our working culture which stems from our corporate vision and mission makes the customer the central pivot around which all efforts are geared to meeting his/her varied expectations, ambitions and desires. It is required of our employees to offer services with openness, friendliness, passion and being responsive to customer needs at all times.

Our culture underpins free operating environment where resources are judiciously managed to achieve laurels which enhance corporate image that all stakeholders can be proud of and identified with.

Learning and Development

Employees of Juaben Rural Bank are priceless asset that we hold in high esteem. We believe they are important resource in the whole aura of service delivery. The employees play critical roles in offering banking services to our numerous clients. Their actions and inactions contribute to affect total service quality. So therefore they need to be abreast with service dynamics to be able to respond to customer needs with ease and high spirited confidence. In-house training programs are frequently organized to equip employees with the skills of serving customers better. On the job training and relieving duties are some of the means by which employees are challenged to take up higher responsibilities.

The bank has developed a Comprehensive Seminary Education (CSE) policy which affords employees to be enrolled in schools to pursue higher learning programs which have a direct link to their job. It is the expectation of the bank that high skilled personnel will impact positively on service quality aimed at delighting the customer eventually.

Career Progression

We believe that employees give up their best when they know that there is opportunity for them to soar higher. That is the more reason why we place importance on learning and development schemes to build employees capacities and empower them in preparedness towards accepting higher responsibilities that go with higher positions. It is our deliberate policy to create an environment where employees have equal opportunity to progress. Hard work is always rewarded. That is a source of inspiration for employees to be dedicated to the work they do, determined to attain individual set goals and induced an overarching desire to go the extra mile to achieve over all corporate results.

Student Internship

Students in mostly, Universities and Polytechnics as part of their program need to undertake industrial attachment in partial fulfilment of their academic program. Such internship gives the students practical experience of the real job environment so as to appreciate what has been taught in class. Juaben Rural Bank continues to open our doors to students who desire to do their internship with the bank because we believe that we need to partner with these academic institutions to assist in nurturing and preparing these students adequately for the job market.


The caliber of personnel to employ to deliver desired services is very critical to Juaben Rural Bank. The job of banking is such that you need enlightened individuals to manage all the critical stages within the service delivery value chain. In view of that, the bank has a strong stance on engaging qualified professionals and graduates to deliver spot on services to our cherished customers. We engage professionals and graduates whose integrity, trustworthiness, discipline and working attitude cannot be compromised.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are one big family from different backgrounds brought together to pursue the the broader objectives of the bank. Regardless of one’s background, everyone has the chance to work and enjoy the fruit of his/her labour. As a bank we do operate in an open environment where no one is discriminated against on account of religion, political or ethnicity. This diversity is what make us unique.