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Juaben Rural Bank prides itself as a fulcrum of nurturing, growing and sustaining businesses through granting of quality loans and overdrafts to support small and medium scale enterprises. Customers operating Savings, Susu and Business accounts can access loans provided the purpose of operating such account is business oriented.
Yes, you can. You can open and operate account irrespective of where you are. However, you must be a Ghanaian holding a valid Ghanaian traveling passport. Our mandate forms can be downloaded and the completed forms sent to us through our advertised email address.
Juaben Rural Bank opens and operates in few selected branches of the bank of Saturdays. These branches include Roman Hill, Suame New Road, Ejisu and Sepe. Beside the physical opening of these branches, Juaben Rural Bank operates a 24hour service via BLUE WALLET/USSD which allows customers to effect unrestricted banking transactions remotely.
It is the policy of the bank to grow depositors’ investments/savings and safeguard it against inflationary tendencies. Juaben Rural Bank pays very lucrative interest on investments and savings.
If you want to become a shareholder, all that you need is to buy shares of Juaben Rural Bank. You do not need to be a customer before you can acquire shares. As an investor, you can walk to any of our branches and purchase shares after going through shareholder registration rudiments. The price per share is GHS0.50. The minimum number of shares you can acquire is 100 shares which is equivalent to GHS50.00. Beyond the minimum, one can acquire any number of shares.
Yes, it is! Over the last two decades, Juaben Rural Bank has consistently paid out dividend to shareholders in accordance with the bank’s dividend policy. Secondly, as the share price increases, the real value of the shareholders’ investment also increases. In the year 1984, the price per share was ghs0.01 and over the years the price per share has increased to GHS0.50 representing 4,900% increase in shareholders’ wealth.
For all transactions you will get alert on your phone. However, you have to subscribe to it. There is no service fee for either subscribing or receiving alerts.
Banking business can be done in all our eleven branches. You can deposit and withdraw same at any of our branch. However, per the bank’s working policy you have to go to the mother branch for issues that relates to loans and overdrafts.
For all service complaints, this is the hotline +233243325495. Your complaints help us to render services aimed at delighting our cherished customers. Denying us those relevant information is akin to leaving us in the dark. Your complaints, suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.